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Find a Home in South Arkansas

Find a home in South Arkansas

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  • 2410 Gale Place, El Dorado, AR
    $215,0002410 Gale Place
    El Dorado, AR
  • 1109 Mount Union, El Dorado, AR
    $279,0001109 Mount Union
    El Dorado, AR
  • 1511 N Park, El Dorado, AR
    $167,0001511 N Park
    El Dorado, AR
  • 3421 King St, El Dorado, AR
    $72,0003421 King St
    El Dorado, AR
  • 525 Jewel Lane, El Dorado, AR
    $70,000525 Jewel Lane
    El Dorado, AR
  • 705 Woodview Drive, El Dorado, AR
    $297,500705 Woodview Drive
    El Dorado, AR
  • 927 Brookwood, El Dorado, AR
    $180,000927 Brookwood
    El Dorado, AR
  • 1302 Robinson Street, El Dorado, AR
    $112,5001302 Robinson Street
    El Dorado, AR
  • 822 Crestwood Drive, El Dorado, AR
    $289,500822 Crestwood Drive
    El Dorado, AR
  • 1327 N Washington, El Dorado, AR
    $117,0001327 N Washington
    El Dorado, AR
  • 523 N Euclid, El Dorado, AR
    $150,000523 N Euclid
    El Dorado, AR
  • 203 Mockingbird Lane, El Dorado, AR
    $159,000203 Mockingbird Lane
    El Dorado, AR
  • 1105 W 8th, El Dorado, AR
    $70,0001105 W 8th
    El Dorado, AR
  • 701 Warren Boulevard, El Dorado, AR
    $147,500701 Warren Boulevard
    El Dorado, AR

Is it time to sell your home?

2020 saw a housing market hold for a few months, but then the real estate market bounced back quickly. Low mortgage rates and an increase in those who work from home ignited a rapid increase in housing demand. Even with economic times still being uncertain, the residential housing market is booming!

Mortgage rates are expected to remain at borrower-friendly levels helping to maintain a strong housing demand throughout 2021. The supply-demand dynamics will continue to push home prices up making this the perfect time to sell your home.

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